Dear Fellow Plymouth Businesses and Organizations,

Hello, my name is Kyle Hayes and I am a proud lifelong resident of Plymouth. Shortly after college I began working at my family business here in town, G&G Silkscreen and Embroidery. Over the last 20 years I have had the privilege or working with many of the other small businesses and organizations that make up the essence of Plymouth. Now, during these unique times, many of us are required to be closed and are enduring economic concerns for both ourselves and our businesses. Unique times require unique ideas and that is how the PLYMOUTH TOGETHER t-shirt campaign was born.

HOW IT WILL WORK: Order a shirt online and make a matching directed donation to the business of your choice.We have established a web store for this fundraiser. {LINK} Here, you can order your T-shirts (don’t forget about the Kids) or simply make a monetary donation in increments of $25 without purchasing a shirt. Every t-shirt sale will have matching donation added to the cart total. At check out, you will select one of the participating local businesses to receive 100% of your donation – from both the shirt and the monetary donations.


100% of all donations will go directly to the donor’s establishment of choice

  • This campaign will run for 4 weeks from the day we go live with the web store {May 15th}
  • After the webstore closes, we will allocate and distribute funds as soon as possible. We will also get t-shirts into production, packaging and prepared for distribution.
  • Each participating business will be delivered a box containing individually packaged orders containing receipt and customers name.
  • Customers will come to your establishment to pick up their shirt. This allows you and your staff to connect with the folks who support you as well as creating foot traffic. The idea is that since they are there, they will further support you during their visit!

HOW TO MAKE IT WORK: Share! Share! Share! Social Media is our friend!
This campaign will be more successful the more we get the word out! You can support and promote this campaign by sharing and resharing the link on all your social media pages. We will also have a print flyer you can share and post.

HOW TO SIGN UP:Send an email to “I need support” or “I want to promote”
All you have to do is respond then start to spread the word. The more people you tell, the more will support you at check out and the more money will come your way!
“I NEED SUPPORT” If you want to sign up to receive support from this campaign, just say so! Then get to actively sharing and promoting he campaign to anyone and everyone. The donations you receive will fully depend on how many folks you direct to the webstore to support YOUR business, so spread the word!!!
“I WANT TO PROMOTE” If you want to help other establishments but are not seeking funds directly. This allows you to participate and direct your supporters to help someone else. Businesses, churches, sports leagues and other organized groups who would like to be involved and help their community may sign up as promoters, directing their participants to the webstore.

After the sign-up cut-off, we will send you the link and flyer and go live with the webstore for 4 weeks. During this time, all you have to do is sit back and share, share, share!

Our community and the people in it depend on our support and sponsorships year-round. Small businesses are the lifeline of this great town we all call home, and now is the time to band together.

I will leave you with a quote from one of our founding fathers:

“Thus out of small beginnings greater things have been produced by His hand that made all things of nothing, and gives being to all things that are; and, as one small candle may light a thousand, so the light here kindled hath shone unto many…”

— William Bradford